Who We Are

Creative.  Cutting-Edge.  Customer-Focused.
Yep.  That’s Us.

Founded in 2003, Orbit Design Works provides creative cutting-edge solutions for small and mid-sized businesses interested in expanding their graphic design, web design and marketing solutions.

Our team consists of a broad network of highly-talented professionals who’ve worked together for years. Our graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, web developers, project managers, IT, SEO and E-Marketing experts are passionate about what we do – and we’re committed to providing the highest-quality service to our customers.  We keep our cool under the tightest deadlines, respond quickly to your requests and deliver striking results.  And our unique process delivers complete visibility throughout the life cycle of your projects.

Orbit Design Works values our relationships, business connections and partnerships.  Our clients span an array of industries, each with their own unique challenges and opportunities.  We excel at addressing the needs of our established Consulting, High-Tech, HR, IT, Legal, Medical, Radio, Real Estate and e-Commerce clientele and we’re always interested in exploring new arenas.  We can quickly scale to meet your immediate needs and our diverse skill-sets give us the ability to deliver a broad spectrum of services to address your short and long-term objectives.   We look forward to putting our talents, tools and technology partnerships to work for you.