Our Process

Complete visibility and control throughout the project lifecycle

It’s All About Visibility and Control

Our unique process gives you visibility and control throughout the lifecycle of your project.  From the start, you have a clear, open line of communication with us and play in active role in achieving great end-results. Here’s how:

1.) Make Sure we’re a Match

Orbit Design Works takes time during our initial contact to learn about exactly what you’re looking for to ensure we’re the best match for you.  Whether in person, by phone or via email, we’ll ask specific questions to get a sense of your project and we’ll be honest about whether or not our skills and capabilities are best suited for you, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time or money.  If we both agree that we’re a match, we’ll take the next steps.

2.) Determine the Scope

Based on our initial conversation, we compare your project’s scope, complexity and duration with projects we’ve worked on in the past.  We then produce a project cost estimate based on the resources, time and effort required to complete your project.  You’ll have the opportunity to review and sign off on this estimate before we move forward.

3.) Delve into Details

As soon as you sign off on your estimate, it’s time to delve into the details of your project.  We’ll set up a discovery meeting with you and at least two dedicated Orbit Design Works team members to comb through your project details and discuss all of the steps that will be involved in your project.  We’ll explain just how we’ll meet your timeline, match your budget requirements and deliver impressive results.

4.) Get Your Basecamp Back-Stage Pass

All Orbit Design Works’ projects are managed in Basecamp, a secure project portal where we store and share data files. Upon execution of your final proposal, you’ll receive your Basecamp access credentials, which are essentially a back-stage pass to monitor your project’s progress.  Once inside Basecamp, you’ll have full behind-the-scenes access to every aspect of your project.  You can easily check project progress, review and approve project components, communicate with us directly and watch as your project evolves.

5.) Dig into Design

Here’s where the real work begins.  We’ll dig into the design process, create wireframe prototypes, deliver graphic design mockups of your project and start drafting any necessary content.  This process is iterative, involving a number of phases to ensure you get the right look and feel. You’ll receive a number of options and we’ll work with you to hone in on the best design for you. Remember, you’ll have complete access to the people working on your project, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your feedback and make sure that we get it right.

6.) Execute and Launch

Once the design process is complete, we commence with development. This process involves coding and high resolution design (for print situations.)  Through Basecamp, you’ll always know exactly what we’re working on and how close we are to completion, so you can be sure your project is delivered on time and on budget. Upon completion, we test the product on our development server to ensure full functionality.  With your approval, we’ll launch your project based upon your time table.

7.) Monitor and Maintain

We won’t leave you high and dry once your project has launched. We know you may want to make a few tweaks or need help maintaining your new application or web site.  We’re happy to make adjustments and add nuances to “finished” projects.  And we’ll hang around for as long as you like to monitor and maintain our deliverables.